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Ralph Longo - Guitar
Ralph Longo Born on Halloween in Oakland, CA. That might be an insight to whats going on here. Playing guitar for 35+ years....Inspired by the Legends - Hendrix, Eddie, Jimi, SRV, Keith & Ronnie. Bitten by the Stones, CCR, Zeppelin, Hendrix, Clapton, Motown - it is a mixture of all of the above. Most Recent influence is John Mayer...I love the depth of writing and soulful playing. My tone quest has been relentless...I feel I am finally very close to the sound in my head. I have achieved a clean single coil snarl, with an edgey overdriven nastyness. I am using custom built guitars with Tex-Mex pickups in the neck and middle with a custom 5 in the bridge. My amp is a 20 watt Marshall plexi - ri cranked to the max and hit up front with an old mxr signal boost. The speaker is a celestion greenback. I use Diadarrio strings 10-46 and super heavy picks. Thanks for listening ! RL
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